Top 5 travel experiences with friends

Sometimes we’re looking for something different instead of a city break to explore culture and history. We seek a different travel experience, creating unforgettable and unique memories. And how better to experience it than with our friends!

Here are 5 top travel experiences worth experiencing with friends, at least once in your life.

1. A week on a yacht

The perfect holiday with friends! A whole week on a yacht, exploring the oceans and seas of Europe or America! Attending parties and exploring islands. Tasting local cuisines and diving in beautiful crystal clear waters. Incredible travel experience!

2. Rent a … private island

Yes, you read that right! You can find over 750 beautiful private islands around the world that you can rent for your perfect vacation. The private staff is just for you, spa, diving, and relaxing on the beach are all part of the game. Although the prices are quite high, these holidays become more affordable when you share the cost.

3. A road trip to European cities

If you’re in Switzerland, you can travel by car to Italy, Germany, or France. If you are in Germany, you can go to the Czech Republic, Poland or France. The options are many and it’s sure to be an interesting trip.

4. Road trips

Road trips are one of the best memories a group can create. Hire a car or motorbike or even an ATV and start the trip by exploring the areas that will be on the route.

5. Holiday in a resort

Grab your friends and lock yourself away in a resort. Do the spa, enjoy the resort facilities and delicious food in the restaurants, and replenish your batteries with relaxation and energy. Ideal for short getaways!

We’ve picked our top 5 travel experiences to enjoy with your friends! For you, what was the best travel experience? Let us know in the comments section!

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