The same thing is being said about Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter, who is now 16 years old.

16 years after her passing, the name Anna Nicole Smith is still linked to fame and controversies. After being crowned 1993’s Playmate of the Year after posing for Playboy magazine, she first gained notoriety as a model, actor, and television personality.

For well-known clothing companies like Guess, H&M, Heatherette, and Lane Bryant, Smith has walked the runways.
According to reports, she said to the Washington Post, “I love the paparazzi.”

“I just grin as they take my picture. I’ve always loved being in the spotlight. I didn’t have much as a kid, and I always wanted to be different.

Sadly, the luxurious way of life came at a price. She married J. Howard Marshall, a petroleum millionaire 63 years older than Smith. Many people believe that Smith’s downfall began with this relationship, which was not only tense but also well-known. Marshal passed suddenly six months after the wedding, when he was 90 years old.

After Marshal passed away, Smith and his family got into a drawn-out legal battle over his income and possessions. The case ultimately made it to the US Supreme Court in 2006.

Tragically, stunning Smith overdosed and passed away in 2007, just a few months after giving birth to her daughter Dannielynn. Numerous men claimed fatherhood after her death, and after testing were required, Larry Birkhead was given paternity rights.

Dannielynn resembles her parents a lot as an adult. She actually managed to combine the best of both worlds, and she is stunning.

Larry tweets beautiful photos of his kid and them having fun together since he adores her. While they live in Kentucky, Larry makes sure his daughter’s life is as normal as possible. She attends a public school and is well-liked.

Larry asserts that Dannielynn wants to pursue acting in the same way as her late mother, citing her likes and the things that make her happy.

The girl once said, “It’s so nice to play a character and not yourself.” It’s similar to taking on a different role. Fun follows. She and her father have appeared together on several shows, such as “Life after Anna,” “Wife Swap,” and “The Millionaire Matchmaker.”

Dannielynn wants to try her hand at being a YouTuber, despite the fact that her father thinks she is way too young to be doing anything like that. He desires for her to go through her youth in the same manner as her peers, out of the spotlight. As Larry told US Weekly, “If it’s something you want to do when you get older, you can, but right now, let’s sell some Girl Scout cookies.”

The National Enquirer was told by an alleged insider a few years ago that “Anna Nicole was seduced by the showbiz lifestyle, and Larry wants to make sure Dannielynn doesn’t end up like her.”[Anna Nicole] was surrounded by avaricious hangers-on as she sought recognition.

But Larry works hard to keep Smith’s memory alive. Dannielynn wore a pink dress and her Kentucky Derby attire from that year to remember her mother last year. Although as she gets older Dannielynn seems to be more like her father, she still has traits with her mother.

She’s energetic and impulsive like her mother was, Larry told Fox News while characterizing her personality. She is a good kid. I’m just happy I got to spend as much time with her as I did.

Prior to the Derby, the now-16-year-old wore a shirt to the Barnstable Brown Gala that featured pictures of her mother. Larry sported a tie that featured the same images.

Larry said that she is honoring her mother while also exhibiting her sense of style. He proceeded by explaining that he and his daughter had decided to show tribute to Anna Nicole Smith because it was the 20th anniversary of the day he had first met the model in 2003. He was currently taking pictures of the event.

Dannielynn frequently looks through Larry’s collection of late-model apparel.

We truly wish Dannielynn luck in achieving all of her objectives.

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