She became addicted to meth at the age of 12 and went on to receive 17 felony convictions. Please take a seat before you see her today after she has turned her life around.

We encounter difficulties and obstacles on a daily basis, some of which are more significant than others. The fortitude and tenacity with which we meet these obstacles, as well as the necessity of keeping in mind that there is always room for change, are what really count.
Ginny Burton is better than most people at understanding this. Local12 News recently published her remarkable account of adversity and ultimate success, and it is well worth reading.
Eric Johnson of Local12 claims that he came discovered Ginny while investigating the nationwide homelessness problem that has engulfed Seattle and so many other cities few years ago.

I entered the Lazarus Day Center, a men’s shelter managed by Catholic Community Services, Eric wrote. “I’m not sure what I was seeking. I only wanted to learn and converse with someone. I greeted a female employee and said hello. She was exhausted and had long hair. She seemed a little skeptical and was being pushed in about five different directions, but she came outside and spoke to me for a while.

Ginny Burton was revealed to be that person. Two years later, Eric ran into Ginny again after calling Lazarus to see whether she was still employed there, according to Local12.
“I don’t know why, but I think I need to talk to you again,” I remarked when she called. Eric composed.
She then began to recount her life’s events, including how she was born to a heroin addict and dealer who also had a mental disorder. When she was just four years old, her father was sentenced to prison for a string of armed robberies.
Ginny’s difficult upbringing caused her to start smoking marijuana by the age of six. At 12, her mother then gave her her first taste of meth, and by 14, she was puffing on crack.

Ginny started using heroin at the age of 23 after giving birth to two children and leaving an abusive marriage.
“I am that person,” Ginny told Local12. I’ve been convicted of 17 felonies. I am the one who used to pass you when you were holding onto your bag. I would be the one to assault someone at random in public. I wasn’t a very good guy. Everybody was both a victim and a prey.

She said, “When you’re stranded on the street and you smell like feces and you haven’t had a shower in forever and you can’t make it into a social service during working hours because you’re too busy trying to fuel your addiction, and your addiction is greater than you… You’ve repeatedly acted dishonestly, you’re starting to be victimized by bystanders, and you’ve compromised your integrity numerous times. Your existence is intolerable. You would choose death over life. The majority of my addiction was spent wishing someone would simply blow me away.

Ginny tried to change her bad course after realizing it, but she was trapped in an unstoppable cycle of addiction. Her most recent stay in prison was in 2008, where she served 33 months behind bars.
After getting out, she was able to maintain her sobriety for six months before succumbing to relapse. On December 5, 2012, she was subsequently detained for the last time.
She told Local12, “I was in a stolen truck.”
“Really sluggish. I accelerated and the officer switched on the lights to pull me over for a broken light. He chased after me when I fled. In front of an apartment complex, I almost hit a tree. And that was it; the conclusion.

But that didn’t spell the end. Not the end of all hope, at least.
After pleading for admission to the Drug Diversion Court program, Ginny underwent treatment and rehabilitation where she was able to become clean once more and maintain it.

Ginny began working as a social worker for the Post Prison Education Program for seven years because she was determined to make amends for her previous mistakes. She gained the notion and inspiration to attend school there.
“It made me realize how much time I had squandered in my life,” she remarked. I also realized that learning was something I enjoyed doing and that I was good at.
Ginny attended South Seattle College and then applied to the University of Washington. She received a Martin Honor Scholarship to the UW in 2019.
Ginny studied political science when she was 47 years old, and she did well.
She just shared two side-by-side images to commemorate two very different times in her life. One mugshot from the King County Jail in 2005 depicts her in her most worst state. The other depicts her happy while wearing her cap and gown.

To acknowledge that no matter what, if I’m still breathing, I can do everything I set my mind to, she wrote: “Today I’ve let go of feeling anxious about my age, the lines on my face, my genetics, my failures, and imposter syndrome. For this previous quitter, receiving a degree in political science from the University of Washington Seattle at age 48 is a true accomplishment.
One cannot not but be impressed after reading this woman’s story of the absolute lowest lows and ultimate redemption.
Ginny stated to Eric Johnson of Local12 that her narrative was not an accident.
I believe it will be utilized by everyone else. I might be able to play the role of the Pied Piper and help people reclaim their own life. That’s what I’m concerned with. On certain days, I wish I could just hide here with a garden and start a small café. But in truth, I am aware that it is my responsibility to keep inspiring hope.

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