Prince George, who was afraid of being intimidated, persuaded King Charles to violate royal protocol before the coronation.

Prince George performed one of the most prestigious tasks at his grandfather’s coronation this past weekend. The young prince served as Page of Honor at the ceremony in Westminster Abbey, which served as its focal point.

There are several centuries-old royal traditions, such as what to eat and how to eat it as well as standing and acting in certain situations. Naturally, there was a lot of discussion about the importance of dress code during the coronation.

The attire Prince George wore on King Charles’ special day was decided by him. The 9-year-old reportedly visited his grandfather and persuaded him to convert before the coronation. The reason? It’s quite downbeat.

King Charles’ coronation will undoubtedly be viewed as a major success, at least by supporters of the monarchy. Thousands of Londoners lined the streets to cheer on the royals, and everything went off without a hitch.

Despite the objections of some who believe the Royal Family’s existence is an unnecessary luxury in the modern world, millions of people watched King Charles and Queen Camilla be crowned at Westminster Abbey.

20 million Britons watched the historic event’s conclusion on Saturday, making it the most-watched TV show of the year, according to reports. However, it attracted a lot fewer viewers than Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, which in September of last year drew an estimated 29 million people.

The royal couple celebrated their wonderful day with the customary handshake on the balcony of Buckingham Palace as aircraft soared by after the flawless Westminster Abbey wedding. Along with their parents, Prince William and Kate, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis greeted onlookers in front of the Palace.

There is no doubting that on the day of the coronation, King Charles and Queen Camilla were the stars of the show. Future monarch Prince George was entrusted with the honor of acting as one of the Pages of Honor, a sign that the Royal Family was gradually handing him more and more authority.

It’s interesting to see that he is already preparing for his future responsibilities even though it will be many years before he is expected to start working full-time.

On the day of the coronation, Prince George was undoubtedly the center of attention. He performed his duties admirably, and after the ceremony, social media users praised him.

George’s parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton, reportedly made every effort to get him ready for the coronation.

Although it appears that they had previously argued over whether or not their eldest son was ready for a significant role in the coronation, the Prince and Princess of Wales made an effort to give George what he needed to be successful. According to royal authority and historian Ingrid Seward, he and his younger siblings Prince Charlotte and Prince Louis got training of a certain kind.

Kate and William were given a full program of Charles’ special day, despite the fact that they had never been to a coronation. The royals reportedly wouldn’t be practicing before the event, but Will and Kate thought that demonstrating their support for George in the best way possible was crucial.

They’re said to have gone with the pretty thrilling tactic of theater.

Ingrid Seward, a novelist and royal expert, said before the coronation, “She and William hope George won’t be too daunted by his responsibilities by making it fun and re-enacting parts of what their grandfather will be doing.”

Along with the other three, he will take part in the King’s Procession across the nave of Westminster Abbey.

Additionally, before the big event, William and Kate used their computers to give their children a “virtual tour” of Westminster Abbey.

“If George can see where he needs to go and what he needs to do, whatever fear he might feel as the youngest page will be diminished. The other three boys range in age from 12 to 13, according to Seward.

The royal specialist continued, “He will also have to get used to the idea of wearing the red-coated livery and lace of a page of honor, as I can’t see him going in a jacket and tie.”

Prince Michael of Kent, who was 11 years old during the late Queen’s Coronation, recalls how his classmates teased him for dressing up and mocked his buckle shoes and dark green velvet jacket. Seward claimed that George had probably been the target of some jeers.

But he will defeat his friends on that certain day. They won’t watch TV with him around, but he will. He is certain to never forget that.

The diverse coronation outfits turned out to be quite the spectacle. Government representatives from all around the world arrived dressed to the nines, with some utilizing the opportunity to commemorate their country’s traditional garb.

Prince William wore the ceremonial dress uniform of the Welsh guards, while Kate Middleton wore an official robe over an ivory silk Alexander McQueen outfit. The United Kingdom’s many nations were reportedly represented with embroidered roses, thistles, daffodils, and shamrocks fashioned of silver bullion, according to CNN.

Some of the foreign tourists dressed more traditionally, as was already mentioned. For instance, the Crown Princess Kiko and Prince Akishino of Japan covered their morning uniforms with patterned silk kimonos and obi belts. Traditional dress was continued by Bhutan’s Queen Jetsun Pema and King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck.

According to CNN, both the King and Queen of Bhutan donned Bhutanese Ghos, and Queen Jetsun Pema wore a lilac-colored kira, a traditional wrap dress that is popular in Bhutan.

Prince George, a Page of Honor, wore distinctive, period-appropriate clothing. But first, the young prince had made up his mind to approach King Charles, his grandfather, and inform him that he preferred to dress differently.

The Daily Mail reports that 9-year-old George changed the illustrious clothes worn by the Pages of Honor by persuading King Charles to do so.

Why? It is said that the future king was scared of being made fun of by his schoolmates.

“George, one of four pages assisting the monarch, voiced his concerns about having to wear white knee breeches,” the Mail reported.

A royal source claimed that Prince George was also hesitant to wear tights because of possible “ribaldry at school.”

Now, one would think that royal traditions are hard to change or irreversible. In terms of traditions and the idea of reducing the number of working royals, King Charles has been relatively sympathetic to modernizing the monarchy over the years.

When King Charles met with George regarding the subject of clothes for the coronation, it is thought that he paid attention to and appreciated George’s requests.

Once the King had given his assent, the breeches and tights were exchanged into pants. It was impossible for Charles to object. He had already decided to forgo his own breeches in favor of naval pants.

He continued to wear the tights-only strapped court shoes, which irritated his tailor. The press stated that his trews were creased.

Despite months of predictions that he would play a prominent role at the coronation, Prince George’s participation at his grandfather’s event is said to have caused a “bit of an argument” between his parents.

One expert claimed that Kate Middleton and Prince William were worried about the pressure being placed on the young royal.

According to royal observer and author Tom Quinn, William and Kate were apprehensive that the pressure could be too great for the baby prince at such an early age.

“I’ve heard from my contacts that there is a little bit of a debate going on as to whether George should take a more formal role,” he said in a statement to the Express. Hearsay suggests that Kate and William are worried he won’t be able to handle it.

A royal source also addressed the possibility that William and Kate feel they are putting their child under undue pressure to have a job interview.

The royal insider claimed that they “cognize that he is old enough to understand what’s going on.”

However, they are aware that when George and his pals return to school the following week, normal life will resume and the weekend’s activities would undoubtedly come up in conversation.

Looking back on the coronation, it is clear that the Prince and Princess of Wales had no reason to be alarmed. Their eldest son gave a fantastic performance in the most opulent of royal settings, but only time will tell what Prince George’s future contains.

The young prince reportedly had advised his buddies to “watch out” because his father is the upcoming king. The young Prince George appears to be starting to understand his role within the monarchy and the duties he will have moving forward, according to all the signs.

Prince George is well aware that he is “very different” from his siblings Charlotte and Louis, according to royal expert and author Katie Nicholl, who made this claim a few years ago. This is because he frequently “gets taken away” to participate in royal duties, such as photo shoots with his grandfather, father, and the late Queen Elizabeth II.

George “understands that he is in a special position,” claims Nicholl. It is crucial that Princess Catherine and Prince William treat all of their kids equally.

The grand plan of his one day becoming a monarch is “being introduced to him gradually” to him.

The immensity of what his life will be in the future isn’t something he’s entirely aware of yet, according to Nicholl, who made this statement in July 2020.

She stated, “I believe George is aware of his differences from his younger brother and sister and that he will have a different destiny, just as William was from a very young age.

What did you think of Prince George’s portrayal of the Page of Honor at the coronation?

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