Melania Trump finally breaks silence

In a Manhattan courtroom on Tuesday, former president Donald Trump entered a not-guilty plea to charges of fabricating business documents to conceal negative information before the 2016 presidential election.

Due to a hush payment made to adult film star Stormy Daniels, who alleges the two had an affair, the former president was charged with 34 felonies. Melania Trump, meanwhile, was nowhere to be found as Trump departed from his Florida property and traveled to New York for the court appearance.

In front of many of his most dependable and devoted Republican supporters and officials, Trump appeared at his Mar-a-Lago home on Tuesday night after leaving New York immediately following the court appearance. Once more, Melania Trump was not present, and now a former friend of hers has come out to try and shed some light on the situation.

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, Melania’s personal assistant and closest friend, claims that the former First Lady has strong cause to hide. Wolkoff contends that Melania was aware of Trump’s extramarital affairs and has chosen to remain in a “tower of denial.”

But Melania eventually spoke up on Easter Sunday.

Let’s look more closely at what sparked the most recent scandal for the former president of the United States before we get into the latest on Trump and his contentious conduct.

Adult movie star Stormy Daniels recounted first meeting Trump in July 2006 at a celebrity golf event in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, in a 2018 60 Minutes interview. They met in his hotel suite after accepting his invitation to supper. The two engaged in sexual activity there. Donald Trump was 60 years old and Daniels was 27 at the time.

The adult film entertainer was invited by the then-The Apprentice star to his Trump Tower office in New York as well as a launch party for Trump Vodka in California.

He never asked me to keep anyone in the dark. He called a few times when I was in front of a large crowd, and I would be like, ‘Oh my God, he’s calling,'” Daniels remembered in her appearance with 60 Minutes.

“They said, ‘Shut up, the Donald?'” He asked me what I was doing and when we could meet up again after I put him on speakerphone. I wanted to quickly update you on our meeting, which went quite well. They’re fully into the idea, there’s- it’s going to be amazing, and I was like, “Hmm, that part I never believed.”

Melania Trump had given birth to Barron, her and Donald’s son, just months prior to Stormy and Donald’s first encounter.

“I inquired [about Barron and Melania]. And he dismissed it, saying, “Oh yeah, yeah, don’t worry about that.” We have separate rooms and whatnot, so we don’t even.

Trump allegedly invited Daniels to his bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles a year after they first met. There, he made an attempt to get her to sign up for the Celebrity Apprentice spinoff. Although it didn’t materialize, she gave her account of the incident five years later.

Daniels spoke with a site that is related to In Touch Magazine, and there she described how she met Donald Trump. Daniels received $15,000 for the interview, even though it was never published.

According to rumors, Donald was informed after being contacted by the magazine for remarks. As a response, Michael Cohen, his lawyer, vowed to file a lawsuit against the publication.

For the interview, Daniels was never compensated. A man approached her in Las Vegas a few weeks later and threatened her.

“I was in a parking lot, taking my young daughter to a fitness lesson. T- getting everything out of the diaper bag while the backseat seats are facing the wrong direction. And as he approached me, a man said, “Leave Trump alone.” On 60 Minutes, Daniels urged Anderson Cooper to “forget the story.”

“And after that, he turned to face my daughter and remarked, ‘That’s a beautiful little girl. If something happened to her mother, it would be a pity. And then he vanished.

Daniels received $130,000 from Donald in 2016 via his lawyer Michael Cohen in exchange for signing a non-disclosure agreement on their interactions. She signed the contract just eleven days before Trump won the 2016 presidential election, according to CBS.

On March 17, 1979, Stormy Daniels was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Her real name is Stephanie Clifford, and she has been writing, directing, and acting in adult films for more than 20 years.

Daniels was a well-known actress in the adult film industry when she and Donald first met at the celebrity golf outing. She has had three marriages and a daughter named Caden who was born in 2011.

In other words, Donald Trump has denied paying Stormy Daniels money to keep the affair a secret and forging business records to conceal negative information before to the 2016 presidential election.

He acknowledged the existence of a non-disclosure pact Daniels had signed with his lawyer, Michael Cohen, in May 2018. The then-president, however, insisted that no campaign funds were utilized in the transaction.

On Tuesday, after testifying in a New York City courtroom, Trump immediately took a flight down to Florida, where he delivered an address to supporters the same night in front of many Republican officials.

“I never imagined something like this could occur in America; I never imagined it could occur. The only crime I’ve ever committed was to bravely protect our country from those who want to do it in, according to Trump. It is a disgrace to our nation.

Prosecutors stated on Tuesday that they anticipate producing the extent of what they have found in the next 65 days, according to CNN. Until August 9th, Trump’s legal team may submit motions; the prosecution will reply by September 19th.

Judge Juan Merchan stated that he would make a decision on the requests during the upcoming session, which Trump will attend on December 4.

Melania Trump did not attend her husband’s address or the court hearing.
Jim Trusty, Trump’s attorney, stated on Tuesday that he anticipates “robust” petitions to challenge and hopes they will be successful in putting an end to the lawsuit. If not, he anticipates that Trump’s lawyers would “figure out if there’s a way to try to push this earlier” than the hearing scheduled for December 4.

Eric Trump, the son of the former president, spent the day with him. Tiffany Trump, Donald’s daughter, and her recentlywed husband, Michael Boulos, attended his address when they got back to Florida.

Melania Trump, Donald’s wife, and Barron Trump, his youngest child, were not present.

Melania apparently wants to maintain a low profile despite being upset with her husband over the Daniels affair. At least that is what Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, Melania’s former assistant and close friend, claims.

Wolkoff told PageSix that while Melania would support her husband, it doesn’t imply that she agrees with what he has done.

“Melania lives in an ivory tower of denial,” Wolkoff remarked. “I had no idea she would be there. She deliberately uses quiet as both a weapon and a form of armor.

“She knows everything, of course she knows about Donald’s affairs. But her dignity is in her silence. She’ll support her husband the same way she always has. I don’t believe Melania is ashamed of his relationships, but she is angry,” she continued.

Former friend of Melania Trump claims, “she knew what she was getting into.”
The candid memoir Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady was written by Wolkoff. The two originally met in New York City in 2003, but their friendship ended after a contentious argument about the $26 million Wolkoff’s company received to assist with the Trump inauguration. In fact, Wolkoff contended that Melania “threw her under the bus.”

Despite her rage, Melania Trump, according to Wolkoff, won’t leave Trump. Additionally, the former assistant added, the wife of President Trump doesn’t think she needs to “answer or explain herself to anyone.”

“She married Donald knowing what she was getting into; this is a transactional marriage. Her strategy for surviving is to simply pretend that nothing occurred, according to Wolkoff.

“In private, Melania claims that everyone is just envious, and she hoped that the Stormy Daniels affair would be covered up. She copes by never letting her emotions show or have an impact on her. I believe she will be by his side again at the following Mar-a-Lago social gathering.

Melania Trump joined her husband for Easter brunch at Mar-a-Lago, where she was first spotted following Donald Trump’s detention. The former First Lady and her husband were greeted with a standing ovation as they entered the ballroom of the exclusive club in Palm Beach, Florida, as shown in pictures from the event.

Since her incarceration, Melania has kept quiet, but she eventually broke her silence during Easter with a statement on her social media accounts.

“Merry Easter!” Along with a photo of the rose, Melania Trump posted on Twitter.

Since Trump’s arrest, it was the first time she had posted anything.

As previously stated, the December 4 hearing date has been established for the Trump case. Former White House assistant Stephanie Grisham predicts that Melania won’t stand by her husband in court.

Inside Edition was informed by Melania’s former chief of staff that she has no pity for her husband.

“I would be quite shocked. If she appeared in court, I would be extremely astonished, Grisham added. “Because Stormy Daniels is involved. She simply lacks the character to support her man in such a situation.

According to reports, Melania Trump wants to “protect” their son Barron.
She isn’t offering him much moral assistance, and I’m sure she is still telling him, “You got yourself into this problem. I’m not going to walk with you and encourage you as you try to escape it,’ she continued.

In addition, Stephanie claimed that Melania disapproved of Donald when she initially learned of his purported liaison with Daniels.

According to Grisham, “She continually told me, ‘This is his problem.

PageSix claimed in March that Trump and his inner circle were “pumped” about the media attention they were receiving as the news of the indictment spread. Ivana Trump and her husband Jared Kushner, as well as Melania, were among those who weren’t too pleased.

The PageSix insider said that Melania is currently doing every effort to “protect” their kid Barron because she “wants to be away from it.”

Melania is keeping a quiet profile. She hasn’t been attending the dinners and other activities at Mar-a-Lago. She hasn’t been social, but he is behaving normally, the insider informed the news organization.

“[Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner] want nothing to do with this,” the insider continued. They are avoiding the area because they don’t want to be pursued by reporters. You won’t see them defending him, in my opinion; there won’t be any comments.

“During his presidency, Ivanka lost a lot of acquaintances and her social circles… They want to put it behind them. They want it out of the way, it said.

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